Outdoor Kitchen Design

Custom Built

Masonry Islands

Design With Purpose

We start with a discussion about what you want to get out of your outdoor space. Then we factor in appliance placement, usability, manufactures clearances, yard space and produce a 3-D rendering of your idea. From there we can make as many revisions as you like until you give it the final approval. We can work with you directly or your general contractor, designer or landscape architect.

Built To Last

Islands are constructed out of steel stud and cement board to provide a safe non-combustive place to house your grill. Your island can be ordered to fit your style and you can customize the finish with stacked stone or stucco. Dream big, we can add areas for your kamado or pellet smoker as well as backslashes, bar counters, raised bar counters and more. Outfit your bar with a stainless-steel grill, storage drawers, refrigerators, wine coolers and more.

Install Is A Cinch

Our builder will contact you directly to setup installation. Once an appointment is booked, we will make the accommodations to drop the appliances off to your home before your installation day. During the install our builder will bring the island out to your home, set it in place, install the appliances, install the electrical and hookup and test fire all the appliances. 

*Special note, all modular cabinets & custom islands will need to have finishing material installed on the counter top. None of our islands ship with a finished counter top.

Custom Modular


Elevate Your Space

The choice of contractors and landscape architects alike, modular cabinets are the next level of outdoor living. We start this project a few ways, but it usually involves coming into the showroom to check out our displays and get a feel of your style and vision. From there we discuss door styles, finishes, color options, and appliances. At this time we can also review any client provided architectural blueprints. After that we provide a 2-D rendering of what the island will look like and where the appliances will fit. Upon your review we make edits and new drawings until it's just what you had imagined.

Strong And Sleek

These cabinets are made to last. We can order custom cabinets made in full 304 stainless steel as well as lightweight and rust-free aluminum. Customization don't stop there either, outfit your island with a fully powder coated finish, any outdoor appliance you can think of, storage for your plates and accessories or a lowered shelf for your smoker. Challenge us. If there is something you want in your outdoor space let us know, we love to find creative solutions.

Simple Process

High end cabinets like these get the white glove treatment. Our in-house service techs start be delivering and rough setting the cabinets in place. At this time your plumber and electrician run the utilities into the cabinet cavities for the appliances you have chosen. After that we come back out, secure the cabinets together and level them in preparation for your countertop contractor to do his thing. Once the countertops are on our techs make the final trip to install the appliances and demo your new equipment for you. 

*Special note, all modular cabinets & custom islands will need to have finishing material installed on the counter top. None of our islands ship with a finished counter top.