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PAYMENT SCHEDULE FOR INSTALLATIONS: Fifty percent (50%) of the balance is due upon the acceptance of sales order. The remaining balance will be due on the completion of the rough installation (first installation trip), and/or upon the delivery of the product to the job site. Progress payment schedules may be arranged but, MUST be approved and specifically noted on the invoice at the time of purchase.
BBQ’s & DELIVERY: All barbecue appliances and accessories must be paid in full. Delivery options can be arranged; delivery fees may apply.
DAMAGED PRODUCT: If there are any damaged items, Custom Fireplace, Patio & BBQ will hold back five percent (5%) of the total contracted amount. A progress payment reflecting the 5% retention will still be due the day of the installation. Lead time for the replacement of the items is subject to the manufacturer's ETA.
METHODS OF PAYMENT: Customer will be required to maintain a valid credit card on file on all installation orders. Customer will automatically be charged pursuant to the payment terms described under payment policies. In the event Customer does not permit Custom Fireplace, Patio & BBQ to maintain a credit card on file, the remaining balance shall be due on the day of the installation appointment.
FIRE UP AND DEMONSTRATION: Final set up, fire up, and homeowner demonstration to be scheduled as soon as customer has live gas and live power to the appliance. Homeowner MUST be present.
CHANGES TO EXISTING ORDERS: Items added to an already approved order require payment in full at the time of acceptance.
RETENTION OF TITLE: Title of Goods shall not pass to the Customer until the seller has been paid in full for the Goods and/or Services.
RIGHT TO STOP WORK: Custom Fireplace, Patio & BBQ reserves the right to stop work if any payment is not made when due as outlined in this agreement. Job will remain idle until all payments due are received.


ACCESS: Customer agrees to allow Custom Fireplace, Patio & BBQ crews and their equipment access to the property, provide
safe access for loading and unloading of equipment, clear and sound pathways and stairs.
FRAMING: Framing and structural preparation of the fireplace space is not included. Penetration through finished floors, walls, ceiling, roofs, and any other barriers is not included. The Customer shall be solely responsible for consulting the manufacturers framing and clearances; and for providing the installation manual to their Contractor. Custom Fireplace, Patio & BBQ will not responsible for incorrect framing; Customer will be responsible for framing fire stop platforms.
GAS & ELECTRICAL SERVICE: Installation of gas and electrical services is not included and must be done by others. Customer is solely responsible for referencing to the installation manual, and with their local building codes regarding any necessary exterior gas valves. Custom Fireplace, Patio & BBQ is not responsible for any cost that may be necessary for the Seller to access gas or electricity.
CHASE PANS & REDUCERS: Chase pans and reducers are not included unless it’s been otherwise discussed and specifically noted in the invoice at the time of purchase.
ROOF FLASHING: In the event Custom Fireplace, Patio & B.B.Q supplies the Customer with a roof flashing, Custom Fireplace, Patio & BBQ will not be responsible for installation
PAINTING: Painting of flues, tops, vent caps, flashing's, and any other vent chimney components is not included.
EXISTING CONDITIONS: Custom Fireplace, Patio & BBQ will notify the customer when (a) substrate or latent physical conditions at the site differing materially from those indicated prior to start of work, or (b) unknown physical conditions differing materially from those ordinarily encountered and generally recognized as usual. Any expense incurred due to such conditions shall be paid by the Customer as added Services.
CLEAN UP: Custom Fireplace, Patio & BBQ will remove from customer property any unused excess material created by the work, remove excess debris, and leave working area in a clean broom sweep condition.
DELAYS: Seller agrees to start and diligently pursue the Services described herein, but shall not be responsible for delays for any of the following reasons: failure of issuance of necessary building permits; omission of Customer or Customer’s employee or agents, acts of God; changes to the Services ordered by the Customer; failure of Customer to make payments when due; delays cause by inspection or changes ordered by inspectors; and delays caused by Contractors, Subcontractors or other Persons hired by the Customer.

Disclaimer: Customer is solely responsible to ensure their general contractor, subcontractor, handyman, and/or similar persons hired by Customer are in compliance with the manufacturers owner’s manual, and with the local building codes. Custom Fireplace, Patio & BBQ assumes no responsibility for their acts or omissions.


All Purchases or cancellations are subject to a twenty-five (25%) restocking fee plus freight, to be collected at the time of return or cancellation. Manufactures restrictions may apply. ALL CUSTOM ORDERS ARE FINAL AND NON-REFUNDABLE.

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